As the seasons change, we have an opportunity to savor the wonders that nature has to offer. Beautiful crisp whites like that of snowy landscapes and bright shiny silvers like icicles hanging from bare, wiry tree branches are reminders that inspiration can come from the simplest things. Try to incorporate bright winter colors into your pallet.  Select bold sky blue hues, woody browns, refreshing whites, and glossy metallic silvers.  Use sparkling accents to achieve that look of sophistication in your designs.  Reflect the cool essence of the winter season by bringing these timeless colors indoors. 


  • Use natural earth tones whenever possible.
  • If unsure of adding additional color, pick a total of 3 main colors.
  • Remember drapery accents can introduce a large amount of color to a space, so choose wisely.
  • Select wall art that is sized correctly for your wall space.
  • Always de-clutter interior spaces before introducing furniture and accents.

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Warm Colors...

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Warm colors are bright, vibrant, bold colors that feel energetic and lively!  Warm colors like bold reds, oranges, yellows, and greens are great colors for accenting staged rooms.  However, it is important to use pop colors in moderation to avoid a potential 'crayon box' effect.  You want to captivate your audience, but for staging purposes less is more. 

It is feasible, however, to mix and incorporate warm colors together with cool colors to achieve an appeal that is not only inviting and visually stimulating but also cozy and comfortable.    


  • Use warm colors that pop when you want to make a bold statement in a room but always use in moderation.
  • Combine natural earth tones to soften the overall color palette and complement warm vibrant hues.
  • Consider size/scale when using bold hues. Less is more (your space will appeal to more buyers if it is not overwhelmingly colorful).

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